It’s Challenging To Support Indie Artists

14344678_167200017054114_3322610379642491515_nI have been working in a varieties of ways to support the underground, independent, unknown artists since the days of Flava Coffee House 2003-2008 to now the days after Flava.  Before closing the doors of Flava I got into online promotions and marketing for a variety of artists but heavy in the literary industry.  In 2008 I hosted a literary conference at Flava Coffee House and it was a great success with Authors and Fans of Literature flying in for a 3 day weekend event including folks and Authors from Seattle.

The literary conference was a success because there was a team that was created by the co-host of this event and everyone put in the hard work to promote and invite people to pay attention, to join the event and to take part in the excitement of the whole experience. This took place back in the days when MySpace was the place to hangout and Facebook was just being created.

Fast forwarding to 2017, a new year in the game of creative soulz, I  have decided to embark on a new beginning for myself personally and professionally.  I made the decision to move to Vegas, the Entertainment Capitol of the World.  I have colleagues there along with a “following” from my great connection to Sherry Gordy (Berry Gordy of Motown’s daughter) and Lillian Rice of The Love The Muzic Entertainment and Productions. Plus my business partner, Marc VanClaggett Owner and CEO of Marlex Records relocated to Vegas with our Indie Record Label.

I had come up with what I believe is a great concept for an ongoing Indie Artists Showcase where there would be no more that 3 acts spotlighted.  The goal was and is to fly artists in from around the country, provide lodging for them and an professional showcase to be featured and paid for their performance.  After processing if I could do this in Seattle with my business partner Jace ECAj of Black Stax, we decided that Seattle struggles in supporting the culturally diverse art seen and artists walk away disappoint more often then not.  So I had a grand idea, why not do it in Vegas…So Flava’s Lounge is birthed and will take place in Las Vegas< NV with the support of my colleagues who also loves the concept.

Now how do we fund this concept and get if off the ground.  Every business needs money to build from, and I am not a person with a lot of money, so where will the MONEY come from or where SHOULD it come from. I feel that anyone that believes in the concept that I come up with and the artists I support in a variety of ways on my radio shows and promoting to my networks a several social media sites…they should come on board with me and help me raise the funds to support the beginnings of Flava’s Lounge.  I feel we the people should be our own investors…But They Don’t or very few have stepped up to support the concept and need.  I am so extremely grateful to those that have give and in-kind gift and I am still hopeful that others will come on board. 

14225527_162217300885719_8365955627218739920_nBefore my Daddy’s passing last year, he gave $100.00 a month towards Unity Through Arts Exchange/Flava’s Lounge because he believed in it and wanted to show his support in hopes that will encourage others to join in.  I have tried to encourage especially Indie Artists to join me in building by everyone giving a $1.00 to $5.00/$10.00 a month and we could raise a significant amount in a short amount of time…What a struggle, the numbers will not come on board with this concept and join me in building a foundation for ARTISTS.

I have wondered is it because they do not give  because there is a lack of trust in me?  I have been consistent over 10 years in doing the work…shouldn’t that be proof that I am sincere in what I want to do in support of great talents.  I shake my head in disbelief and with lack of understanding on what I need to say and do to get people on board with Unity Through Arts Exchange/Flava’s Lounge.

I am the face of FLAVA’S LOUNGE #VEGAS, but the project is for Quality Indie Artists that have Mastered their Craft and ready to hit a stage in Vegas. flavas-lounge-vegas-1 I came up with Flava’s Lounge based off of conversations that I have had time and time again, with disappointed Indie Artists from here in Seattle where I am, to across the United States to even around The Globe…Indie Artists are treated like the industry’s step children, than with the support and respect that many of them deserve.  I want to make sure everyone that needs to and deserves to gets paid, to be apart of Flava’s Lounge.  I do not want to base the responsibilities on what is made at the door, and I don’t want to seek any investor who I will need to payback with interest, immediately after the show.  I have heard horrible stories about both ways.

Tell me, am I wrong for believing that we can united to create our own lane? Am I wrong for wanting to raise the funds to pay for the venue, light & sound person, pay the band and DJ and pay 3 amazing featured performers?  It feels like I am wrong to want to do this, or I am not famous enough for people to come on board.

So I face a great challenge in supporting Indie Artists.  Everything that I do in support of Indie Artists, I pay for from my own money with no reimbursement from anywhere.  Does it make me bitter, no just frustrated.  I want to build with others and give others, I would like to have a planning committee to help make the decisions of how this  will come together and who should be chosen for the event.  It would be awesome to build this to the point, where I can hire staff and turn it into a profit making business that grows and grows in it’s capabilities.

We live in an era where people feel “entitled” and want this handed to them verses working hard with the right people to created opportunities.  I personally and professionally feel that the digital era has taken the value away from paying for Art…Once upon a time you knew when a new album, 45, book or movie was going to come out and you saved the money to purchase the product and the experience.  Now it’s all about digital downloads and everything needs to be purchased online verses an actual store.  I also believe the digital downloads looses sales because not everyone has the capability to buy online or they do not feel comfortable in buying online.  So how does that dilemma get resolved?

How do we come together and make success stories for many in the Indie Artists Community…Can we build it together, or is that just out of the question? photostudio_1486519601739 I thank my Daddy and the few that have given to Unity Through Arts Exchange/Flava’s Lounge…Together we have raised $724.00 ($500.00 of it was gifted from Unity Through Arts Exchange)  I have set up a CD Account for the money that has been raised through along with in-kind gifts I receive in person, and through paypal and square.

I have been given information for an arts grant that I am going to apply for.  So send me good vibes that I will be among the ones selected.  It will help expand my radio show, host Flava’s Lounge and develop a strong promotional and marketing program for everything I do in support of local, national and international indie artists. And when I speak about Artists, I am speaking about Artists of all genres and all art forms.

At times I feel like giving up, but then I wake up and continue to promote and encourage people, Artists, Industry People, Fans and those that Follow me on Social Media to join me in building this foundation for Indie Artists, I am pulled into my purpose and mission…I am Grassroots but effective in so many ways and I want to keep this concept and project grassroots.

For Us By Us (Daymond John FUBU)  We really don’t need anyone but ourselves to build. Think about it…Jace ECAj and I have had a conversation many times over the years that goes like this “if everyone we knew and everyone on our social medias gave $1.00, that would amount to a great foundation to work from.”  When I speak to my business mentor she gets frustrated and says, Susan, you should be asking for $100.00 and not $1.00.”  I understand why she says this and I believe that it will get to that point where I can and will be able to request more…Today, my request is based more on united than the actually amount  donated.

I have had the opportunity to have a matching funds sponsor.  The requirements was to raise a certain dollar amount and by a certain number of people and they would match what was raise.  Well, you can guess that, that didn’t happen.

15027842_10211118395904561_8039522266613141828_nI would love some feedback from people on what I am trying to do in support of creating an Indie Artists Platform and Foundation of Financial Support.

We are living in a time where our country is falling apart, not coming together based on the person that somehow was voted into our presidential office.

People still don’t understand that we have power in uniting together to effect change.  I am here to advocate in making a change and placing value on Indie Artists and allowing them to be financially compensated for their creativity.  Could you imagine if ART did not exist?  No music, no books, no visual art, no creative chefs, no clothing designers…no colors and designs, no textures…Art is all around us every single day, I think we take that for granted.

I fight for Underground, Independent Artists, The Unknown Artists…I see them as amazing soulz that need a leg up for mass exposure.  I will continue to advocate for Unity Through Arts Exchange/Flava’s Lounge.  Several times before my Daddy passed in 2016, he told me that my ministry was with artists, and I take this very seriously, this is not a game nor pass time for me.


Again, I hope you will post your thoughts, I appreciate your feedback.

Learn more about Unity Through Arts Exchange and Flava’s Lounge by clicking the links below.

Unity Through Arts Exchange  Building a support foundation for Artists from all art forms and genres.

unity through arts exchange






Flava’s Lounge #Vegas Meet & Greet, Open Mic and Showcase 2017 14089276_156657658108350_5120801965829790689_n







Flava NewsLady Flava of

Lady Flava News

FMarlex Artists Services www.fmarlexconsult

FCH206 Radio-Seattle, WA

8427_1037628756531_96041_nMarlex Records

Kalimba-The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire 12/3/16 at The Royal Esquire Club Seattle

14590487_1829667600603229_5364024443127074963_nKalimba-The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire at Seattle’s Historical Royal Esquire Club brings the energy, true essence and sound of the Legend EWF that we know and love.

I have heard of this group from a variety of sources from those in the Pacific Northwest to even across the country and even other entertainers have told me how great Kalimba was. So I had hoped that I would get the opportunity to see their performance before I make that move down to Vegas.  I just happened to see an advertisement that they would be performing at the Royal Esquire Club, one of the last historical black owned and run club in Seattle’s Columbia City Community.  I was blessed that one of the Esquires purchased a ticket for me. My excitement and anticipation was ignited.

Arriving early to the Esquire on the evening of Saturday, December 3,2016 gave me an opportunity to witness the sound check and short rehearsal of this Earth, Wind & Fire tribute group. This gave me my special time of saying hello to the members, with hugging those I knew to introducing myself to those I didn’t.  I experienced just a glimpse of how they bring it all together and watched the gentleman that controls the sound…now that was amazing for me to watch that…his ear along with instruction from the members showed the professionalism of this group.

When the doors opened, it didn’t take long for the Royal Esquire Club to become full with people struggling to find a seat. The energy was high and the crowd was ready to dance and have a good time.  It was a great feeling for me to be apart.  To see people from a variety of ages and ethnicity, ready to PARTY.

14907570_1344582415576481_6983376073910063346_nKalimba The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire

Kalimba hit the stage full force ready to give the audience more than they might have anticipation.  From the first song to the last, you could close your eyes and believe that it was the original EWF on the stage but for me it went beyond that…Kalimba truly presents the spirit of EWF with a flava of their own, displaying smiles and an energy that they are passionate about the music they play.   From Shining Star, Serpentine Fire to That’s The Way of The World to Reasons…Kalimba was on point, on FIRE.  The audience had smiles on their faces to chair dancing such as myself to hitting the dance floor and groovin’ with vibe.  I believe everyone knew the words to each song, okay a good portion of the room, I knew the words.

This was a great night for me and I hear wonderful feedback from those around me to even the members of the Esquire Club expressing how pleased they were in this experience. This is what Seattle needs to allow to take place and support.  Everyone that loves the music of Earth, Wind & Fire needs to request to experience Seattle’s “Kalimba-The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire.  You will not be disappointed.  They will put on a show that will surpass the money you will pay to attend.


Official Website for Kalimba The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire

Follow them on facebook to stay updated on Kalimba’s performances and more:

Flava Coffee House Reviews (0-10 Snaps)

I give Kalimba The Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire “10 Flava Snaps” on performance and presentation along with the energy they created.

Lady Flava

Flava Coffee House Reviews

We’ve Been Waitin’ For You Jesse!

Gallery-55Messengers come in all forms, faces and places but who are you willing to listen to?  It appears that many of us are followers and wait for a known name to step up and speak the truth, than to get behind our neighbors and the faces we socialize with in person and online.  We have messengers all around us and maybe, just maybe you are one of them.

In 2009 I was introduced to a local group know as Black Stax.  At that time there was 3, the emcees know as Silas Blak and Jace ECAj also known as Silent Lambs Project joining their shared voices with the soulful jazzy flava of Felicia Loud…Although Silas Blak chose to leave the group, the foundation was already built and the connection between Felicia Loud and Jace ECAj unfolded before our very eyes, ears, smell and touch without the realization of, not missing a purposeful beat.

The duo and I have become very close and especially Jace and I speak on a regular basis, at times with Felicia when her schedule allows.  I have come to know them, I have come to respect what moves them and to listen.  It is never just a simple conversation, with layers and depth, at times it may start out tough but always ends with strength and grace…Always Always with #ForwardMovement, Jace ECAj signature saying.  I stand before you today and always, saying as well as claiming, #IAmBlackStax

13124830_10209449902233262_1313836878564170592_n (1)

I say all of this, to say…Black Stax knows that their purpose goes beyond the music and being performers of words and sound…They take their position and responsibility serious that it is not just adults that watch them but the children along with our elders.  There is a message in every song…Maybe first you feel the vibe of the beat and the cadence of Jace ECAj setting the tone, with Felicia Loud taking you outside of yourself with the highs and lows through octaves, pulling at your life’s soul.  Again, it goes beyond the music…It is about Family First, It is about Community and being apart of movements that build than tear down.  They are teachers, mentors, life builders and lovers of unity.

Listen to the messages of Black Stax!

Watch the Official Video of “99” by Black Stax

Watch Black Stax’s NEW Video “Loyalty is Royalty”



Jesse Williams Speech at the BET 2016 Humanitarian Award
Jesse Williams presented a speech that people around the world heard with a reaction. The majority in the audience appeared to be on board with what he was saying and people watching on TV have had a variety of reactions on what was experienced at this historical event.  Those that I know applauded this new messenger who is in the media spotlight…He came direct and to the point with no sugar coating or making excuses.  He did not deny who his mother is, a white woman and how he was raised by proud parents that afforded him a foundation of truthful understanding of reality.  He takes his position in the spotlight as his responsibility to be one of many that stands up for people’s rights and for the rights of Black  America.  He did not put the sole blame on the “majority” (white people) but on all black communities to unite, honor and respect each other.   He pushes for those to sit down and to be quiet, if they do not want to stand up, listen, understand and be apart of the solution to end the continued escalation of oppression in the 21st century.
I personally, will be watching and listening for what Jesse Williams has to share, but I will continue to applaud my family, Black Stax for for being a messaging force in the Pacific Northwest through Hip Hop, Song and Presence.
Celebrate the Messengers of your Families, Community, Churches, Towns and Cities…We have many unsung heroes that deserve recognition and support to further their mission and purpose.
I write this with respect and appreciation of Black Stax of Seattle, WA and Jesse Williams. The few can make a difference but with YOU, we can accomplish much more!
Lady Flava
Flava Coffee House News
Seattle, WA

Lady Flava News Update Vol.2


Lady Flava News Update on YouTube


Lady Flava

Flava Coffee House News

Indie Artist Cheerleader

Is It “The Industry” Or Is It “The People”


I have been told time and time again that I need to toughen up, or I need to not rock the boat and say “Okay.”  I have been told that things are not fair in the industry and that I will be eaten up and spit out because I try to point out the lack of character, ethics, morals and such.  I will point out what I see is unjust, unfair and stand up for myself when some tries to belittle me when I go against what is dished out…

If I get involved, I believe in it and am willing to put my name on it.  I have been warned by many of the industry that I have chosen to get involved in.

My Daddy raised me to understand that our family name means more than just myself,  It is our family. So when I go out the the door I am representing not only myself but our family.  I take this seriously.  I heard the stories of my Daddy’s challenges as a minister, administrator, committee member and community leader…the challenges of the diversity of how people saw things and what needed to be changed along with what was in the best interest of the whole.  Who is right and who is wrong…so much grey area and so much people will accept based on stubbornness or not wanting to go against those in “power” “control.”   I have been known to advocate for what I feel is right, I am one that is challenged to be quiet in times of adversity.  Maybe at times it is better to suck it up and take it, be quiet and go with the flow.  It’s all about picking and choosing your battles, right?


So I woke up with this on my mind…

The Industry is not the problem…It is the people within the industry that are allowed to lack character, integrity and honor…Leading into the issues of manipulation, backstabbing and bullying.

So we accept it and so it continues…
“It’s Apart of The Industry”

Lady Flava
Flava Coffee House News




My Ministry is Supporting Indie Artists



Tony Robbins just said, “The Secret To Living Is Giving”

My Daddy raised me to understand that you always help others with kind words, with resources and financial support. He said, “Susan, your ministry is with artists.” Now that he passed, I hear his words more and more. Daddy was UTAE’S biggest Cheerleader and financial backer. His support allowed us to help a variety of creative souls with projects, education, needs and even moving expenses. He didn’t understand why we could not gain the support of the masses, but he encourage me to not give up.

So, Jace ECAj and I continue to believe that you will join us in Action along with Financial Support.

There are deserving artists and projects that have earn the right to be supported in all ways.

Just think if the masses were to give just $1.00 each every month…Boy, UTAE could do so much more in support of Indie Artists…Consider helping us, to help Artists!  #BecomeTheMovement #IndieArtistMovement  (You can set up recurring gifting  on using email:

Unity Through Arts Exchange

unity through arts exchange

Founders: Jace ECAj and Lady Flava
Founded in 2011


Side Note:

As I was writing this blog, I received mail for the “Living Memorial Program” that the funeral home we used for my Daddy gave a gift to have a tree planted in his memory. The outpouring of love that has been received and show since the passing of my father, shows how many lives he touched and their understanding to honor his desire to pay it forward.

Thank you Butterworth Funeral Home,U.S. Forest Service and Batesville for this blessing.  The outdoors and wilderness was something my Daddy cherished!


In Memory of Rev. Peter T. Koshi

6/4/1922 to 2/8/2016

Susan E. Koshi

Who Is Lady Flava? My Story…


1935609_10208454522389388_5690901501325703222_nAfter realizing that  several people do not know who I really am nor what I do in the arts and entertainment community…I decided that I should write a blog to help get people up to speed with who I am and my background in the arts and entertainment industry.  So this is a shorty version of my story…


Several people want me on their team but I don’t think they even know why past realizing that I will put in the work in promoting what I am apart of and believe in.

My conception as Lady Flava took place in North Seattle at my coffee house, Flava Coffee House.  I knew what I wanted Flava to look like, eclectic and inviting to the diversity that lived in our community of Lake City/North Seattle.  The walls were colorful with tall windows and a perfect area for a small stage.  Slowly the people came for the coffee and stayed for the welcoming feeling.  This all started in 2003, the passion for my community, diversity and the arts was very clear but even I had no clue what direction this journey was going to take me.  I played local music talents on my cd player through the day along with other indie musicians that I became introduced to through MySpace ( the social media that was popular back in the day)  soon I became the first non-African American book reviewer for an all African American book review team based out of Philadelphia but spread across the United States with an amazing group of women reading an reviewing a variety of African American Literature.  This was one of the best experiences of my life as an avid book reader. Not all of my experiences were the best, but I was forced to look outside of my readers box and also learned that I was not the head…lol  I had to write reviews from a template style that was established the founder and not from my voice and soul.  It was good to learn this and I became better for this experience.  Soon the authors sent me their book directly to the coffee house for me to read for review, Flava Coffee House reviews where I would give 1-10 snaps depending on my whole experience of the book from cover, to layout and then substance to lastly who it read and errors.

Lady Flava was birthed and my passion for the Arts was off and running.  Soon I was selling books, jewelry, graphics, paintings, rap cd’s and spoken word cd’s.  I hosted my first event with 3 others…A jazz cruise on the Spirit of Puget Sound here in Seattle which on face value was amazing but the behind the scenes experience was my first experience in the chaos that can place between 4 strong minded people with a lot on the line to make an event a success.  That was the first and last event we did together…but many will tell you it was awesome!

Flava Nights of Expression was founded in 2005-2006 an amazing open mic. We could have 10 people to full capacity with standing room only every Friday night.  These nights were special from professional creative souls gracing the mic to those of us that were novice at what we loved…we received so much love from the professionals and audience.  This is when I was hooked and knew that I was meant to support independent creative souls from the Pacific Northwest to around the world.

In 2008 I hosted a national literary conference in Seattle with a collective known as Wagfest.  It was something I took great pride and and suffered great heartache behind. But again I walked away knowing I had pulled it off receiving an arts grant from the city to further branding myself and my capabilities.  The summer of 2008 I decided to close the doors of Flava Coffee House for good.  I was blessed to have a committee that helped me make this decision and as much as I miss her, I am glad that I did close after 5 years being a struggling business own.  I lost so much and then I gain so much knowledge and exposure as an artist cheerleader.

Flava Coffee House helped me appreciate my passion for the arts, understand my power as a supporter of Indie Artists and I took of as a public figure in support of creative souls.  I continued reading books for review, supporting artist online on MySpace to then creating a page on Facebook, not understanding this site nor what it would come to mean to me in the future.

2009 I took on a business partner with my online business called, Flava News.  This is when I was introduced to Seattle’s Hip Hop Scene and came to work with  The Hip Hop/Soul group, known as Black Stax.  I was never a fan of Hip Hop and did not come up embracing it…but through Black Stax, Yiddim Seck and JaRue…I feel in love with this conscious and free style of expression.  I found it so challenging, exciting and peaked my interest in researching and education myself on this new found art form. Soon I found out that much of what I come to call Rap I did not like and didn’t understand the strong difference between socially conscious art to disrespectful and degrading lyrics which tore down the sense of value for self, women, family and life.   During this same year I came on the air as a radio show host with my business partner at that time, LA and also hosted my second event and first hip hop show.  The planning and implementing was on point but we only had a handful of people in attendance and I lost so much money on the venue.  I also lost relationships with the artist and collective that was involved.  More of the beginning of hard lessons I would learn, as I further became involved locally and nationally with a variety of art forms and genres.

During these years my father came to live with us and slowly I moved into a role of being his caretaker as he aged.  But he and I would had amazing conversations about Flava News over a meal at IHop on Madison as I took him to doctors appointments on pill hill.  He would review my business plan and proposals, documents I was creating for my business along with contracts.  He was my adviser  and my biggest cheerleader. At this time in my life I was working for an agency in Kirkland, that provided housing to act risk homeless youth…I loved it but also was allowed a sense of freedom to be Lady Flava and to do a Saturday radio show from work.  My kids at work that it was cool that I was Lady Flava and I believe to this day, that this helped them feel comfortable with me to the point of sharing freely of their life and how that saw things to even sharing their creativity with me in impromptu open mics in the office.

2012 I resigned from working at the youth agency to now becoming my father’s full time caretaker and being Lady Flava full time.  I was beginning to also have health issues with high blood pressure and severe arthritis in my legs. Being Lady Flava was my lifeline and it helped me through the pain that lived with and seriousness and sadness in seeing my father’s health beginning to decline.  I kept up with my radio shows, local projects with Black Stax, now I was involved with Marc VanClaggett and Marlex Records, continuing to work behind the scenes with Lamont Carey and of course always supporting my big brother, Author Alvin L.A. Horn.  My skills grew along with my knowledge and connects in the arts and entertainment industry not only locally, but spreading across the United States and even going global.

I posted up thought provoking posts for artist and for people in general to make them think about there they were at in life and their careers as a creative soul to hosting artist round table discussion on my radio show.  I would encourage artist to step their game up, be professional and to prefect their skills as they identify the tools needed to walk through any open door that was presenting a potential opportunity.  As a consultant and coach to indie artists, I learned up front about where an artists believes they are in their career at the present and where they want to be.  And if hired to coach them, I help the identify what they need to tweak or create to step their game up when seeking an audience from an industry professional.  I love the challenge in being connected to these creative souls as we together figured out what they needed.   I create press releases, artist bios, EPKs, websties and more.  I have come to realize that there are were and are professionals that follow me and after months of watching my work, my work ethics and commitment to artist, many have reached out to me, in wanting me to come on board with their projects.  At time this is flattering and other times it just doesn’t feel right.

I am a sucker for charm and charisma.  I believe in doing research on people and will take the time to watch people and their following but today I know that is not a full proof approach to getting to know a person online.  So I have gotten involved in projects that I learned a lot from in good and bad experiences.  In recognizing the need for me to understand the industry I choose to be apart of…I embraced the pain of the end of a few relationships.

My Daddy has been my cheerleader my whole life and especially in his final days as I struggled to care for him as I ran a home base business.  He is was so full of life experiences and knowledge that I loved sitting and sharing Flava with him in all aspects to receive his feedback and critique.  Now that he passed this past February 2016…I miss him and I know he is watching over me and waiting to see what I do with my new life, my new beginning without his physical presence.

So today, I am back to working on projects with my core; Lamont Carey, Black Stax, Marc VanClagget and Marlex Records, Alvin L.A. Horn along with my newest colleague, Dariolemechele Gordy.  I am learning that less is more and now I can honestly say, beware of what you think something is, be cautious because  you might come up very disappointed.  You do not want to block your blessings in being involved with the wrong person or people.

12745552_1050554201654415_8379716945667436750_nFCH206 RadioMarlex Recordsunity through arts exchange.png

bLACK sTAXAlvin's books1979649_744211882269561_877590115_n (1)tRIBUTE10689795_10208947994445881_6395986328695105378_n.jpg

So let me introduce myself to you TODAY in March of 2016…My name is Susan Koshi but in the arts and entertainment industry I am known and am branded as “Lady Flava”  Today I am proud to say, I am a Radio Show Host that supports Indie Artists,  I am a Artist Coach and Consultant.  I am the VP of Marlex Records and have a compilation CD project that I will be putting out called, Flava’s Lounge along with releasing projects headed by Marc VanClaggett; CEO of Marlex Records.  I also am a partner of Unity Through Arts Exchange (UTAE) with Jace ECAj of Black Stax with a organization group that is fundraising and finding tangible ways to bring real support to Indie Artists with their projects and or participating in showcases we provide to showcase their talents from near and far.  We will be hosting local shows in  hosting an out of state artist with a local talent in hopes to take this program out of state to do the same in return.  We seek to work with all the elements that would benefit in such show to create a successful team guaranteeing that artist get the right exposure and leave with money in their pockets.

I have had some great opportunities come my way and I have not jumped onto them all and am glad for that.  Communication is key to keeping my interest and some lacked doing that with me, to the point that I let their projects disappear from my schedule.  As you can see, I have a lot on my plate with just my core and that works for me.

I am back on the airways, I will be starting back my coaching and consultant business next week and rewriting the business plan and proposals on the projects that I shelved.

Welcome to new chapter in my life!  Come follow my journey and maybe you might become a part of it!

Susan “Lady Flava” Koshi

“Flava’s Story, The Life of An Artist Cheerleader” by Lady Flava

Flava News

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