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Unity Through Arts Exchange-UTAE is what we call an exchange program for Underground/Independent Artists from here in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  UTAE has established relationships and continues to network across the United States where there is an interest in creating an established support system from venues and promoters along with host artists. We are gaining more partners in a variety of locations where artists members of UTAE will have the opportunity to schedule to be hosted for mini tours outside their home location.The goal of UTAE is set up quality events for quality artists with venues, promoters, sponsors and members of like mind to create the industry that is so needed for the underground/independent artists to be experienced locally, nationally and globally.

FYI: All artists coming to the Pacific Northwest must be able to set up and arrange shows in there hometown or region to host another UTAE artist to come and perform.

All mini tours are custom designed to the genre of music and desire for the
type of audience that the feature artist or group want to be exposed to.


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UTAE Facebook Page Link

Jace ECAj of Black Stax and

Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

Founders of Unity Through Arts Exchange

Monica Monet

Soul/R&B Singer/Song Writer/Performer
from Jacksonville, FL

Monica Monet was the first artist to come to the Pacific Northwest

through Flava News and UTAE

Unity Through Arts Exchange (UTAE) Project OverviewIndependent Artists are an invaluable resource to the community but many have a hard time securing adequate compensation for their work.  Limited access to distribution and marketing resources prevents most from reaching a large enough market to make fair compensation a reality.  Lack of sustainable income opportunities for a new independent artists result in decrease innovation and diversity in the music industry, as a larger company push for a watered down homogenized sound that has been proven to be profitable, but not push the envelope on creativity, consciousness and artistry.

UTAE will build relationships and exchanges between artists, promoters, venues, businesses and organizations that have a common interest in the experience of valuable art, community building, and forward movement.  This exchange will focus on developing projects and products that will provide the opportunities for positive exposure with in the Pacific Northwest to across the United States and around the Globe for the Arts, Artists and Partners. With each scheduled event no matter the location, there will be a focus on our youth and or community building.

The benefit of UTAE brings the artists, venues, partners and sponsors together to effect change and growth for all parties through gaining exposure, revenue along with new supporters and fans while building relationships and real connections for present and future projects as individuals and as a collective.  All partners will gain not only local but national and international exposure through Flava News/Flava News Radio.

For more information on Unity Through Arts Exchange (UTAE)
Send us a message through the contact box below


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